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"Provided excellent information about their services; very courteous and professional during the phone calls we had. Although my investment deal was not successful, my contact was very gracious. I will not hesitate utilizing their services in the future and I will recommend them to other investors who are buying property in the greater Atlanta area. "


Thanks so much, Scott! My wife was extremely impressed by your expertise and attention to detail. We'll definitely be using GA Home Pros in the future. Thanks again. Carrie Oswald, Canton, GA



"Michael took the time to make sure that I understood the process and what to look for when purchasing a home. The pictures that he took made it easy for the seller to review the inspection and errors that were found. He is very professional and knowledgeable. I would recommend him to anyone purchasing a house or getting ready to sell a house. The customer service experience was great as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Crystal C. , Hiram, GA



"Excellent customer service."  Terry C.


Dalton, GA
Scott was very courteous and informative, for first time home buyers like my wife and I, the information and attention to detail given by Scott is invaluable. Buying a home is one of the most expensive investments we will ever make and we feel that the level of service given us by Scott was second to none.


Atlanta, GA
Scott was sharp, didn't miss a thing. THANK YOU!

Marietta, GA
Scott did a great job. Price seem to have been in line with others and I was able to gain some more knowledge about my home.

4.5 STARS "Very informative." Von H

5.0 STARS  "I would highly recommend Buyers Choice Home Inspections. Scott did a great job. " Blue Ridge, GA

Canton, GA
Great Service! Will use them again in the future

Atlanta, GA
I really had no idea on how to find a home inspector that we could trust and would do a good job. I feel that Georgia home pros did a perfect job. From just the quick response to getting the price quote, to the explanation of what will be done, and their flexible appointment time. We feel the inspection was very complete and we feel confident in their work. We would recommend this company to a friend, especially first time home buyers like ourselves.

Atlanta, GA
Great service, good price.

Gainesville, GA
Very professional.. would use again in a second..

Stone Mtn, GA 
Breath-taking, knowledgeable, top of the line home inspector. This is my second home in four years and the services received is undoubtfully the best in comparison to my previous home inspector/inspection in the past. Mr. Scott is very keen in finding mistakes overlooked by the builder's inspector and provides on the spot analysis of certain conditions in the home that may not comply with the building code. I can truly say that he has given me a piece of mind and a great return on my investment before stepping one foot in my home.

Decatur, GA

Jonesboro, GA
Mr. Webb was very professional and informative. He walked me through the problems and advised me on what I could do to repair the repairs with the least amount of out of pocket expenses. When my husband and I move again, we will definitely hire him again. It's amazing how the original county building inspector missed safety hazards, ventilation problems, etc.

Georgia, GA
Scott is very personable and informative.

Monroe, GA

Alpharetta, GA
Dealing with Georgia Home Pros was a great experience. They are one of the few companies out there that did not try to rip me and my family off. I will definitely keep their number.

Gainesville, GA

Cumming, GA
I would recommend Home Pros to anyone looking for a home inspection. The inspector was prompt, courteous, and knowledgeable. He explained each of the items he inspected, what he was looking for, and things we should continue to check over the next few months. They were great!!

I am extremely happy with my decision to use Georgia home pros.  The inspector found issues with my home that I never would have caught.  His knowledge and thoroughness immediately put me at ease with the process and the quick turnaround made me that much more convinced.  Everyone in this subdivision will know the name Buyers’ Choice if I can help it.  


Kennesaw, GA
Scott was so informative and knowledgeable! I believe  that  just the education alone that I received from him at my inspection was WELL worth the inspection cost!


Acworth, GA
Being a first time buyer, it was nice to have someone go the full mile and explain all the details of our home....very personable...I felt very comfortable--like I truly had someone on my side." 


Mike Wenke, Owner/Broker,Re/Max Town & Country
"I was not at the inspection but, my customers were very impressed with Georgiahomepros.com.  It seems as if they will tell everybody about Georgiahomepros.com and the great experience they had with them."

~Thanks again for the inspection.  I learned a lot.
SMSgt Raymond M. Wood

~I think 5 stars is not enough for the quality service Georgia Home Pros provides. As a person that is buying a home in Georgia from out of state(Miami) I highly recommend to anyone purchasing a house in the Georgia area to use Georgia Home Pros. From the minute you speak to Sheila in the office you begin to realize that you're going to get your moneys worth from this company. She is knowledgeable, helpful, and gave me advice on things I needed to get done so that the inspection would go smoothly.  Scott, who is a true professional in every sense of the word, called me after the inspection to let me know how it went before I even read the report so I would better understand what I was looking at. He found numerous things that needed attention with my house and I refused to buy it until everything he found wrong was corrected . I had the seller hire Scott to do a re-inspection after the repairs and only closed on the house after he said the repairs exceeded his expectations.  I can't thank him and Sheila enough for their professionalism. Oscar Carvajal, Miami, Florida

~The inspection went well!! We are well pleased! :-))) Thank you so much for all of your kindness!
Please tell Scott as an electrician Ricky was overly impressed with his thoroughness!!! Scott's willingness to walk through the house with a fine tooth comb and share his findings (few and very little issues) was such a blessing to us.
Please know we will refer you guys to everyone...and I will share with my agent to use you instead of the 'other guy' who 1.) Did not want us there during the inspection 2.) not flexible with his schedule to come on the weekend if we needed him to in order to make our due diligence! and 3.) even if your price and all the extras would have cost us more, we would have used you..but even your price was less!!!....AND YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE, OUTSTANDING.
We will purchase our first home on Lily Stem thanks to you guys and our purchase price of 140K is well with us! You guys are ALL THATTTT! :-)
Thank you so much for everything!
Ricky and Stacey Journey

~Wow!!!  Outstanding work!  I sure picked the right guy. I'm very impressed.  Thank You. Scott Mandel

~Stephen & I just wanted to say what a thorough job Scott did on the spection.  He would have found a needle in a haystack.  We were hesitate on paying for a home inspection, but after seeing the lengths Scott went through, we were sure glad we did and it made us feel better about the sale. Stephen & Donna Brown, Ball Ground, GA

~We thourougly enjoyed our experience and learned a lot. Gary Joyner, Ringold, GA.

~Is Georgia Home Pros the right company, or the right people for the job? The question soon changes too what took us so long to choose this company? The moment the call is answered, The Georgia Home Pros gives proof as to why they are so good at what they do. The sincere appreciatation for the trust extended to their company does not go unnoticed. Scott's professionalism, knowledge, attention to the details, and customer satisfaction is at a level few can claim. 
My testimonial is as follows: I was representing the needs of the church I attend, and within moments I new that Georgia Home Pros, Scott Webb, and team were as well. They understood that our Lord, and Savior Jesus Christ wanted God's children to be represented by the best, and he was choosing their company. They drove for hours, and stayed in a hotel overnight in order to be when, and where God needed them to be in order to help us understand every square inch of the building our small church was interested in buying. They also stress the importance of having our own realtor representation before our church enters into any discussions with the owner's realtor. We made good use of all the advise given to us by Georgia Home Pros; when all was said, and done they kept us from making a $80 thousand dollar mistake. I always say," the Lord puts the right person in the right place at the right time to help those he calls his own”. Trusting Scott, and his team gives the customer the advantage of knowing what the owner knows, and beyond. Thanks , and may God bless Georgia Home Pros always. 

Tom Sloan
Church Representative
Iglesia Aposento Alto
Brunswick, GA

~Undeniably THE BEST! Scott exemplified the keen professionalism and astute attention to detail I’ve only come to "wish for" while seeking professional advice or service. His integrity, dedication towards service excellence and commitment to customer education were continually evident as he toiled into the fourth hour of our most recent home inspection. Scott’s exceptional technical prowess was overshadowed only by his willingness and ability to explain his findings and potential solutions in common lay terms. I would expect to pay a premium for such GREAT service.  The Georgia Home Pros team is a cut-above. They displayed the traits and provided the results that made America great – and any homebuyer would be gifted to find such an advocate. Our sincere Gratitude, Joe & Elizabeth Snellville, GA …hopefully

~The service provided by Georgia Home Pros is superb.  My inspector, Scott Webb was extremely knowledgeable and professional.  This is reflected in his answering all my questions and addressing many of my concerns.  He was able to uncover many hidden and not easily detectable problems with the house.  And more importantly, I found Scott to be an honest person with integrity, making only prudent and well thought-after statements in giving his professional opinion.  I would recommend this company to all my friends who need home inspection service.  Dr. Frank Tian Xie, Alpharetta, GA

~Scott, As I said when we spoke at the conclusion of your inspection… From the initial call to your office on through the quality of communication throughout the process, working with you and your team was an absolute pleasure! I know from personal experience that while many service professionals do not deliver what they claim, many people have predetermined notions and concerns when hiring a contractor or a like inspection service. I can say without reservation that working with you was as effortless and hassle free as one could imagine. Additionally, I should comment that while walking the property with you I learned more than I had ever anticipated. Your knowledge of both present and past building code, construction sensibilities and suggestions for improvements was like icing on the cake! I commend your commitment to professionalism and wish you the very best! I will recommend you to all future opportunities…you have exceeded my expectations in every measurable way. Thanks again!

Vajra Stratigos, Decatur, GA

~Scott, thank you so much for being so thorough.  We had Scott go in and re-inspect our house after my husband's inspector inspected our home, because we didnt feel comfortable with his findings.  Scott from GA Home Pros went in and found almost $25,000 worth of structural damage that our last inspector did not even notice in the slightest.  I am so glad we were so fortunate to have such an awesome inspector.  He saved us tons of money.  Truly well worth the cost.  I told Scott that he should charge much more because that last inspector didnt spend as much time, didnt care to explain things to us and didnt find hardly anything.  The education alone that we received from Scott was well worth the cost!  I was overwhelmed  with his knowledge. Gina & Todd Rivicchi, Alpharetta

~Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job on my inspection. I am a first time home buyer and new to the process so I made alot of phone calls to get estimates on the cost of the inspection as well as to determine the value added benefits provided by each company.  Your company was not only very competitive but also offered much more than expected.  I was on a tight schedule and your staff was extremely flexible and accommodated my needs without any hesitation.  Scott, was very punctual and extremely professional.  We were so pleased  with the attention to detail in the report which included great color photos of problem areas, which we received immediately upon completion of the inspection.  We will recommend your services to anyone we know in need of an awesome inspector.  Georgia Home Pros truly went above and beyond our expectations! Sincerely Melissa C. Schaeffer

~ I had to ask Scott if his price was fixed.  "He said yes, why?.  Then I proceeded to tell him that..."The cost for the inspection was worth the knowledge alone that I have of my home now".  Truly great customer service and knowledgeable detailed inspector.  Holly Springs, GA

~Scott, It was a great pleasure meeting you.  I gratefully appreciate your excellent work efficiencies, ethics, and promptness.  Best regards, Shamimul H. Khan

I couldn't believe it.  My husband and I decided not to get our final inspection with Scott because we felt comfortable with the builder and the home being brand new and all.  But, to our surprise almost a year later Scott was at the house and noticed that the doors were rubbing when they closed and some did not line up with the latch.  He took a closer look and analyzed the homes structure.  Within 10 minutes he said we had some major structural issues.  I reported it to my builder and after several letters request for the builder to do the repairs he finally commenced repairing our home.  We had to move out of the home in order for him to rebuild many areas of the home.  We later found out that they changed the floorplan and never got a engineering stamp to approve the changes.  This is a $500,000 home.  It was a mess!  If it wasnt for Scott we wouldn't have known and we would have been responsible for the repairs after the 1 yr warranty was up. Lynn & Al,  Canton, GA

Scott Webb was out of this world.  Started at 4:00 on the nose and finished at 9:30pm. This house is 40 years old and I was like a cat on a hot tin roof about what may be found.  I am so pleased that I have a solid new home to call my own on Monday.  Thanks for everything you    all are great!  Additionally, Scott gave us some great ideas on what we could do ourselves to make the home more energy wise and comfortable.  Above all he did not rush whatsoever.  Really made sure I understood the report and invited questions to be asked.  Scott is a great inspector and I would highly recommend your company to anyone who would require such services! (Remarks Mr. Jordan made verbally on the phone after the inspection) HE IS A VERY THOROUGH AND METHODICAL INSPECTOR.  HE DID A PHENOMENAL JOB INSPECTING OUR NEW HOME. Covington, GA

5.0 STARS " Oh my goodness! I really cannot say enough good things about this company! First: price was VERY reasonable, second: they came through the NEXT day (unheard of), third: their credentials were A+++ they even exceeded the requirements set forth by the builder - and were so reputable, that they already had a relationship with the builder (They had performed other inspections in that subdivision) which made the process quicker! No other company I contacted had the right credentials! They really are number one!"  Douglasville

"Scott was cautious, professional, and extremely knowledgeable. He walked us through the inspection process and explained everything he found in a way that we could understand it. He also answered our questions and as a result relieved some concerns that we had. His inspection found several issues that we were not aware of, but were able to get corrected before we closed on the house. Georgia Home Pros is an excellent company for home inspections. Gerald D., Lawrenceville, GA
" ~Scott. Thank you ever so much for the thorough inspection you performed on my house.  I appreciate the time you took to make sure you noted the details and provided insights into what was needed to bring the house up to par.  You were tremendously helpful, and I feel more at ease knowing the true condition of my home - from a completely unbiased source with a depth of experience such as yours.
Kindest regards, Lesa Rosato
~Scott & Sheila
Thank you once again for your assistance.  My husband and I have not felt entirely satisfied with the process of the construction of our home, but we have had a very pleasant experience working with Georgia Home Pros during this time.  You both have been extremely professional, very responsive and completely thorough in your inspection and reporting analysis.  We appreciate the great customer experience.  And, we'll definitely call on you again should we need assistance at any point in the future. Thanks, Roni Singleton Jeter