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Water Testing

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Man-made chemicals, the majority of which were introduced into society, have been poisoning our surface drinking water supplies for years.  Over the decades they have filtered down and contaminated our vital underground drinking sources as well.  Many experts believe the toxins in our drinking water are the number one health threat causing cancer, heart disease and lead poisoning.  Such chronic illnesses are brought on the bodies absorption. Water contaminates not only affect our health, but they can also corrode fixtures, stain and deteriorate clothing and household surfaces, alter the taste of food and drinking water and slowly turn hair orange.

There are several contaminates you may want to test for. We also check/measure  to make sure that the septic system is a minimum distance from the well. Otherwise you may have a problem with bacteria seepage.

**All prices are if samples are taken at the time of a Home Inspection.

FHA/VA Standards: SEE H.U.D. for minimum well water standards tested.
  Includes location/distance to Septic tank field FREE. $195.00-with full paid inspection. $345-$445.00 depending on discounts, location & time of year.

STANDARD TEST:  $225.00** $475.00 without a Home Inspection. Includes location/distance to septic tank field Free.

Includes: total coliform/Fecal/E.Coli, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium manganese, potassium, sodium alkalinity, chloride, chlorine, color, conductivity, hardness, nitrate, odor, ph, sediment, TDS, sulfate, turbidity, lead, arsenic, ammonia, nitrite



HEALTH SCAN:  $395.00**


If you would like a description of items tested for Comprehensive/ Health/Environmental Scans, please call our office for all scan info.


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