Free Infrared Thermal Imaging & Mold Overview with every home inspection! $500 Value

Award Winning Board Certified Master Home Inspector

Award Winning Board Certified Master Home Inspector

Award Winning Board Certified Master Home InspectorAward Winning Board Certified Master Home InspectorAward Winning Board Certified Master Home Inspector

30 Years of Knowledge, Experience & Integrity Working for you during one of the Most Important Investments in your Lifetime

COVID-19 Safety Notice:

Changes to the way we perform inspections

In response to the coronavirus outbreak, InterNACHI® has provided a course for home inspectors which addresses inspection safety protocols and best practices to protect the public health.

Please be informed that we will be performing inspections with PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) which may include; Face mask, Gloves and Glasses. Anyone attending the inspection is encouraged to bring their own PPE if they wish. Georgia Home Pros cannot provide you with PPE at this time.

Georgia Home Pros has always wanted buyers to be present during the inspection (Not common in the home inspection industry). However, during these times we can perform the inspection, provide you with the report and review over the phone if you have any questions (Most common practice for home inspections). 


Credentials & About Us


We are an Established Company working for your repeat business.


  • Construction Company Since 1996. Home Inspections Division Since 2001.
  • Five star rated with client testimonials and two time winner of the Consumers' Choice Award 2015 & 2016. The only Home Inspection company to be awarded the Consumers' Choice award in the State of Georgia.


Fully Insured to protect everyone and everything during the inspection.


  • Liability Insurance through C. H. Insurance Brokerage Services Co., Inc.. If your inspector is not insured, the liability may fall on you as the buyer if the inspector damages anything or someone is injured in the home during the inspection. Most builders require inspectors to be insured for inspections of new homes.

Board Certified Master Inspector

We have some of the best in the industry ready to work for you. Our Credentials:


  • BOARD CERTIFIED MASTER INSPECTOR. There are less than 100 inspectors in the State of Georgia that have this designation. This requires: over 1000 paid inspections performed, inspection related continuing education, criminal back ground check, abiding by the industry's toughest Code of Ethics and following a Board-approved Standards of Practice.
  • ICC MEMBER # 5155152. This is the building code used for Georgia, throughout the United States and parts of the world. (Formerly CABO, SBCCI, BOCA and Others) Our Inspectors have a vast knowledge and stay up to date with the state adopted building codes.
  • InterNACHI CERTIFIED # 05031182. Successfully Trained and passed InterNACHI's Inspector Examination, adhere to Standards of Practice, abide by a Code of Ethics and attend required yearly continuing education courses.
  • EXPERIENCED INSPECTORS. Only former top notch Remodelers/Home Builders, not just someone who decides to take a few classes and get a piece of paper that says he/she is qualified, but not less that 15 years of hands on construction experience.  
  • Approved GE SUPRA Lock Box Users. This requires a criminal background check, proof of current insurance and business license.
  • BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU ACCREDITED. "Start with trust." The BBB has determined that Georgia Home Pros meets accreditation standards and we have earned a A+ rating.
  • CERTIFIED MOLD/AIR QUALITY. Our inspectors have been educated to identify suspicious growth and the causes/potential causes that allows mold to grow along with the affects that mold has on our health and homes. We are trained to properly take air and swab samples of suspicious growths for accredited labs to analyze.
  • CERTIFIED ENERGY INSPECTORS. Examines the home and finds opportunities for energy savings. 
  • GREEN BUILDING INSPECTORS. Trained in the field of environmental friendly building with water and energy conservation systems.
  • HANDS ON. We try to have at least 8 hours every month of working hands on with construction/remodel. Working with today's materials on today's job sites and not just saying how it should be done, but doing it makes our inspectors more knowledgeable.
  • INDEPENDENT INSPECTORS. No conflict of interest, this means we don't ask Real Estate Professional or Builders for client referrals and we do not pay or ask to be on any referral list. We like to think of ourselves as a "consumerist company" that is looking out for our clients best interest and provides a fair inspection of the building.

Our Services

Consumers Choice Award Winning

Home Inspections

Commercial Building Inspection

Environmental Testing

 Real Estate Resale Purchasing or Selling? We do a complete inspection, plus a visual mold inspection. Inspections performed by a certified home inspector that is also a certified mold inspector and a certified energy inspector. It's like getting three inspections at the same time for the price of one.

New Home Construction Foundation, Rough, Final or Warranty inspections. We can do a complete inspection for code, defective, damaged and improperly installed items during all phases of construction or just the final.


Multi-Family Rental purchasing or selling? Reduce you liability, keep people safe and prevent high repair cost with an complete inspection.


Environmental Testing

Commercial Building Inspection

Environmental Testing

  • Air Quality
  • Radon gas
  • Mold
  • Well Water

 All testing is done thru approved labs to satisfy FHA / VA /USDA loan requirements.

 We always recommend an air sample test for mold on each floor or each heating unit/zone. Testing can be done at your request or after discussing the findings of your inspection with your inspector. 

Commercial Building Pros retail office warehouse

Commercial Building Inspection

Commercial Building Inspection

Commercial Building Inspection

  • Retail
  • Warehouse
  • Office
  • Automotive
  • Hotel & Motel

Complete inspection plus public safety, fire safety and ADA compliant for buyers or owners. Call 770-893-2271 or request a price quote by email. Prices may vary due to size, age, foundation and service areas.  


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